1959: Senior year in High School, WJTN, Jamestown, NY, Saturday night rock show “for the kids.”Attended Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY.  WIBC, college radio.Various radio stations upstate NY and Western, PA. Many record hops.


Drafted USAF, became Air Traffic Controller assigned to the Bermuda International Airport.  Weekend shows on ZFB-1 as Donnie Dare and emceed at, famous “40 Thieves” night club.”One year at Grand Forks AFB, ND, Strategic Air Command.


KELP-AM, EL PASO, TX, night-time rocker on #1 station.

KCOH-AM, Houston, TX, Operations Manager and Director Programming. 


Local promotion Liberty/United Artists Records, Houston, TX

Local promotion Liberty/UA, San Francisco, California.  

Liaison, TransAmerica, Corp.

Texas promotion Mercury Records, Dallas, TX.  


Weekly flew to Houston, KILT and back to Dallas, KLIF.

Mercury Records local promotion Los Angeles, CA.


One of first 6 promotion reps at Polydor Records, return to Dallas for Southwest Regional promotion,

ABC Records Texas and Louisiana.

Regional promotion Cream/Hi Records, TX, LA, TN, OK, MO, KS. 

Liaison with Hi Records, Memphis, Willie Mitchell and Al Green.

TM Productions, Dallas, TX.  Marketing Director, TMOR.

ZIMMERSMITH, Dallas, TX, Commercial Music and Voice over production. Executive, V.P.  Southwest Airlines, Coors Beer

APOLLO FILMS,  television commercial producers.

Partner, and in 2001 Executive Producer.

Worked with major Advertising Agencies nationwide.

Clients included: FORD F-150 Trucks, exclusive 5 years.

Restaurants: Chili’s, Ponderosa, White Castle, Bennigans, etc.

Produced commercials with Christopher Reeve, Don Knotts.

Consulted Radio Stations in Sweden on transition from Public Radio to Commercial Radio on behalf of European Radio Ventures.  


Worked with stations of Swede radio from Stockholm to the Arctic Circle.


1998: Featured Speaker, International Radio Symposium, Montreux, Switzerland Radio Promotion Panel.  Produce and voice two programs per week for North Texas Radio For The Blind, with partner, Ira ‘Eye’ Lipson.  Won 2011, IAAIS, Program of the Year Consumer Information award.

Married: former Poppy Beck 28 years, two children, Jacqui and Rick.  

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